Part 2: How to dress warmly in the San Francisco/Bay Area (lower body)

Part 1: How to dress warmly in SF (upper body)

Some of us have skin that can probably be categorized as leather at this point and can withstand the chilly, sharp air sweeping against their skin, to a certain degree. In other instances, it probably feels better to keep those knees and toes cozy. Below are some more items that’ll keep the rest of lower body covered:

  1. 4 types of leg coverings

  2. Shoe/Toe covers

  3. Wool Socks

4 Types of leg coverings

1. Long Bibs (aka tights)

Long bibs are a great addition for the colder seasons. Some have wind-proof and water resistant properties like this one. Some bibs have all kinds of features - this one includes a clasp that’s constructed in the strap so it’s easy to undress when nature calls, or a stretch waste band that makes it easy pull down without removing straps (this is more for women).

A. Machines for Freedom - Long Endurance Bib

B. Velocio - Women’s Signature Fly Free bibs

2. Just long cycling tights

There are also tights with chamois but no straps if this is your preferred style and comfort. A quick alternative are non-cycling, athletic compression pants that are worn over your shorts (or bib). This can be taken off and stowed away later once you warm up.


3. Capris

Want to feeling warm, but not too warm? Check out ¾ length pants for those in- between days.