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Train For A Century Ride

100 miles

2021 edition

Training starts first week of August 2021 to line you up for October century rides

Cycling 100 miles in one day is an enormous feat! It sounds crazy at first, but hey, don’t most goals sometimes feel that way? Put in the work with a structured training program and weekly motivation, and it is possible. If you already regularly ride 30+ miles a week (comfortable on a single ~30mi ride) and want to try for a century this year, let's talk! After this training, pick and choose any century that is occurring this Fall 2021. There are over 5 centuries queued all over the Bay Area from Novato, Davis, Sacramento, Lodi, to Napa. 

We’ll steadily increase in training load (mileage and/or elevation). Each ride has a minimum of 2,000ft. Steeper rides can reach ~3-5,000 feet. Gradual increments will allow your body to adapt to each level and minimize injury. There will be days where you’ll push yourself physically (for speed) and other days where you’ll be adding mileage (for volume). In between ride days are your choices of yoga, strength training, running, etc so your body can leverage the other muscle groups to improve your cycling performance.

Prerequisite: Must have gotten bike fitted or are comfortable with riding 30 miles, 2,000 ft. As always, check with your physician before starting an training program.

Who is this for: Intermediate cyclists who want to take cycling to the next level with a group.

Sample Training Program

Training rides with CIRCA will be held on late July 2021 


Yellow numbers are CIRCA led rides

What’s included:

  • 60+ hours of ride time (including weekday speed and steady rides)

  • 500+ miles covered in 8 weeks

  • Small group (5-10 ppl) for safety purposes and to  support you on your adventures 

  • Guided and planned routes (with pit stops) ranging all over the Bay Area

  • Weekday rides are located in Oakland (Rockridge BART station)

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