All Ride Types

Learn to Ride - Private Classes

  • 2 hours of active learning

  • Learn and practice safety techniques so you can be predictable and more visible on the road 

  • Overcome self-doubt when you approach a new hill

  • Build confidence in bike mechanics through fixing your own flat (if time permits)

  • See suggested items for your repair kit

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Perfect for beginners or anyone seeking to sharpen their skills

Self-Paced Programs

  • Gradually increase mileage, elevation, and accomplish 100 miles in one month

  • Well-researched, mostly bike friendly routes in the East Bay

  • Weekly breakdowns including route details, pit stops, and riding tips

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CIRCA Starter 100

Great for beginners! 

Destination Rides

  • Bring your bike on vacation for a weekend getaway 

  • Fully guided, well-researched routes with pitstops

  • Trips can range from 2-7 days

  • Sample the region's most popular food items



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Monterey, CA