All Ride Types

Training Events

  • For cyclists with who have developed a base level of fitness (~40-50 miles a week) and want to take it to the next level

  • 60+ hours of ride time (including weekday speed and steady rides)

  • 500+ miles covered in 8 weeks

  • Small group (5-10 ppl) for safety purposes and to  support you on your adventures 

  • Guided and planned routes (with pit stops) ranging all over the Bay Area

  • As always, consult with your doctor before starting ANY training program



for first five before July 5
reg. price $549

CIRCA Century Training

8 weeks worth of rides

August 2021

Train for a century in 

Fall 2021

Learn to Ride

  • Learn and practice safety techniques so you can be predictable and more visible on the road 

  • Overcome self-doubt when you approach a new hill

  • Build confidence in bike mechanics through fixing your own flat




or $35-45 per session

Group Rides

  • Perfect for new cyclists who want to try group riding

  • Explore many parts of the East Bay with distances ranging from a 10 - 50 miles and flats(<1,000ft) to steep (>5,000ft) 

  • Meet and share this experience with others

  • Grab a bite to eat at a local bike-friendly shop while supporting small businesses



for any 3 rides (up to one year)​

or $25 per ride

Training Events

  • Commit to riding and training consistently

  • Set yourself a goal with enough time to train and enjoy this ride with others. By the end of this, you'll come away feeling stronger, climbing faster, and riding longer than ever before!



CIRCA Starter 100
Great for beginners! 

June 19th, 2021

Complete 100 miles in

1 month!